Our Products

Cell Culture:
Primary human and animal cells, optimized culture media & reagents, serum, growth factors, supplements & cytokines, cell viability & proliferation kits, cytotoxicity assays, 3D cellular tissue models

Molecular Biology:
DNA/RNA extraction kits, cell & tissue RNA, beta gal gene expression kits, highly efficient & gentle transfection reagents, cloning kits, restriction enzymes, amplification/RT-PCR enzymes, buffers, sequencing kits/consumables, SNP Genotyping assays, HLA kits, antibodies

Stem Cell Technology:
Induced pluripotent stem cells and iPSC-derived lineages, primary hematopoietic, mesenchymal & neural stem cells, specialized stem cell media, freezing reagents, coating solutions and details protocols

Drug Discovery:
Pre-screened cells, serum-/xeno-/animal-free, defined and other specialty media, cytotoxicity and proliferation assays, cellular disease models, ELISA kits, multi-well plate formats, cell lines

Plant Tissue Culture:
Basal media, salts, vitamins, sugar, plant-specific media, growth regulators, antibiotics, culture plates, jars, gelling agents and other related products

Liquid Handling:
Single- and multi-channel micropipettes, dispensers, standard and filter tips, ART tip products

Thermal cyclers (PCR), RT-PCR, sequencers, cell counters, Western blot apparatus, cell imaging stations, DNA/RNA Quantification (Qubit)